So.. what about these 'achievements'

If you have received this link for Level 5 (100K), it is the wrong link. The newer version of Level 5 email, you will need to receive this link

Thanks, email rx’d now.

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I’m looking at the notification settings on the website. Shouldn’t something like this be categorized as “Account Related: About your account and security”? That’s also enabled at all levels. It seems annoying that this very infrequent email would have to be lumped in with " Your Mapillary Activity: Photo uploads, edits and blurs" or something else, given how frequent those emails might be (and hence why they seem to be frequently disabled).

Thanks! I got the email now and placed the order! :grinning:

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@pkoby You can change the notification preference on your mobile app under Settings > Notifications.

Yes, I know. What I want to know is why we can’t get these emails if we opt out of most notifications via desktop?

By default we always get emails about accounts (tier 1). I choose not to get emails about uploads (tier 2) or comments etc (tier 3). Could the milestones be moved to tier one so no matter what notification choice you go with, you’ll get those emails?

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Can you resend the email and what the password is?

I received this email in beginning of February. After filled form I didn’t receive any confirmation, after it and any package till today.

@asturksever tracking back to my original question - I can find no trace of me receiving said e-mail either (the lvl 5 one for 100k images)

I feel like there’s 4 people running this place as a whole and now no one because of the virus… All I want is a magnet or something to put on both sides of my car while I’m driving so I can at least point to something as to what I’m doing. Tired of the dirty looks over the past 250K images

Hi asturksever, I received the 1M package today. My son and me liked it a lot! Nice stuff, good quality. Thanks a lot to you and whoever is involved with it at the mapillary team! :smiley: :+1:

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Hey @Matsayz, I sent DM to you for sharing your details with us.

Soo… if my initial post and my reminder from three weeks ago weren’t clear: I think I’m left out here somehow. Would be appreciated if the appropriate e-mail could be (re)sent.

Hey @TimCouwelier, I haven’t checked in here in a while and sincerely apologizing for missing your post on Mapillary Forum. The best place to reach us is always

I just double checked email notification settings, it seems you disable receiving an email from Mapillary. You may change it from your app. So.. what about these 'achievements'

I’ve sent a level 5 email to your email manualy.

Hey @Ekeshkekesh,

Please, could you email this issue to Thanks.

@pkoby Thanks for your feedback, setting notification settings look pretty simple to make changes at the first look however we need to implement these changes on all over our products. I’ll bring it to discussion with the team.

No worries.

Incidentally, I changed my notification settings to allow the second tier (“Account Related, Your Mapillary Activity”, which still leaves out “Comments, Weekly Digest”). Anyway, it’s been about two weeks since I passed 1 million photos and I haven’t heard anything. I thought I’d mention that the settings I now have it at may not have helped. I changed the tier a few days before I passed the milestone, too.

So if the notification settings are changed, perhaps it might be good to add a line for “Milestones: claim rewards for uploading” or something like it.

I just realized, too, that since changing that setting in the website, I haven’t gotten any emails about my uploads, so maybe something’s broken? Also, I assume you have my email address, because I get Mapillary News, but I don’t see a way to set that in the website profile.

Hi @pkoby, please check our your inbox, you should’ve received milestone email right now. Thanks for your recommendation to add milestones emails under notification settings.

Got it, thanks for the quick turnaround! Got order confirmation as well.

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E-mail came through - I thought I had settings to allow all e-mails though.

Contents of the mail:
Congratulations on reaching an important milestone in your Mapillary journey. You’ve just passed the 100,000 image mark, which makes you one of the most significant contributors in the Mapillary community.

You’re helping create better maps all over the world because the data from each image is available to anyone through our platform. The whole mapping community is grateful for your contribution. If you’d like to discover more about how to use Mapillary data in OpenStreetMap, this blogpost might be interesting for you.

Your next adventure is reaching 500,000 images. When you reach your next milestone, we will send out Mapillary Swag to express our appreciation for your contributions to Mapillary.

Long story short: the 100,000 image mark doesn’t appear to do anything. Then why bother with having it?