Sequence failed processing


I currently have many uploads that fail to be processed. I have reported this to support several times, but to no avail. Sometimes someone from support will reply, but it never seems to be resolved. Below are all the failed sequences from the last month.

BR Louis

Cluster ID: 6528787033886125
Cluster ID: 887216142764262
Cluster ID: 836477604837901
Cluster ID: 199092306562556
Cluster ID: 6805697556217698
Cluster ID: 713138060274728
Cluster ID: 2093502850984560
Cluster ID: 1330874194203709
Cluster ID: 1521658681708803
Cluster ID: 244750628589301
Cluster ID: 644413507584471
Cluster ID: 871701170830688
Cluster ID: 831537325178402
Cluster ID: 1033689444668752

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Thanks for reporting. We will take a look.

cc @boris

BR, Yaro

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Thank you. I received also a response from @Nav via email.

All my uploads are still under processing since 2 November. Involves thousands of photos.

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I’ve also experienced this issue with footage taken from places I’ll probably never go through again.

@Yaro @boris

Did you take only a look? :wink:

Or did you found the problem?

BR Louis