Report failed sequences from the mobile app

Is there any way to obtain the link of sequences that have an error in order to report it?
I don’t have access to a computer and I can’t obtain the link from the web either.
It would be very useful to have a report button in the sequences on the app that let you get the link or bring you to the email app.

Hi and thanks for the suggestion!

cc @boris

@jvujnovic and @Yaro - any thoughts about the cause of this error?

Hi @Albergarri788 thank you for your suggestion for improving the in app reporting.
We are doing an investigation for your failed captures. So no further reporting via web is needed.
cc: @abalys

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It seems that we’ve been failing to process images since 20th of June 8pm CET. We’re working on fixing it - there’s no action that needs to be taken, the images will be reprocessed. Apologies for inconvenience!

cc: @boris


Thank you for answering!

The reprocessing can be done in older sequences? I have some I recorded last year in the cemetery of my village and other places which I rarely go through, that have failed and would be nice to have them viewable.
Again, I can’t obtain the sequences link but I know where are they in the map.

@abalys, I think you’re the one who can help.

It’s the same with the desktop uploader btw. Sequence failled 22/06/2024 are now under re-processing, but image from today i have already 2 sequences failled (but sequence visible on the map).

Browsing in the mobile app, noticed one sequence with label “Failed” - is this the same symptom?
Tapping on it briefly displays message “This capture failed. You may need to re-capture or re-upload.”.

Should anything be done about this sequence, or will it be fixed on the server side?
Is the message correct in this case?

Edit: at least five sequences show as failed in the mobile app.

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I had some 30 or so sequences as “failed” from the ~20 Jun issues. Those got reprocessed and seem to be ok now as of a couple days ago. From recent uploads, a couple sequences show as “failed”.

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Is it normal for newer sequences to have been processed before the ones that failed and were reprocessed? It seems that the images have not yet been connected to each other. I ask from ignorance.
By the way, in a couple of days I will have access to a computer to see if I can get the link to those sequences from last year that failed but I did not report.
Many thanks for everything!

Hi @abalys, I just had sequence lgIov4PB5EDKCSMpGU3R2Y fail on me. Is it still an ongoing issue that sequences fail randomly or is it something particular with this sequence that made it fail?



Sorry for taking so long to respond.

We’re proactively fixing failed uploads from 20th of June onwards, but if you have a particular sequence that you’d like me to take a look please let me know :slight_smile: In general, only particular type of failures are recoverable.


Do you still see anything that’s failed? 99.5%+ of retried failures have succeeded, but please let me know if you have a specific example I could investigate :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting, let me investigate :slight_smile:

In general, there shouldn’t be ‘random’ failures, but I am keeping a close eye on it given that we’ve recently had failures on processing. Please do let me know if you see widespread issues.

Again, apologies for inconvenience.


Hi again,

I’ve verified the existence of the failure and it will likely be fixed with automated retries tomorrow.

Additionally, we are working on improving the processing to minimize future failures.

Best regards,