Problem with 4.4.4 iPhone app

As I drove today, I noticed that the 4.4.4 app on iPhone 5 with iOS 9.3.2 does not work well:
As I drive The blue dot that shows where I am, does not follow me. Neither does the map of my current area update.
It also crashed twice during driving.

Anyone else with the same config as me who has experienced the same issues?

I saw a few crash reports regarding Mapbox. I have updated Mapbox again to the latest and sent a new build to Apple. Hopefully it’s approved in a day or two. Please let me know if it has resolved your problems when the new app is out.

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I noticed that the photos I took yesterday with the faulty app, hasn’t shown up yet, after more than 24h.

Will they show up later, or are they lost?

What’s your username?

This issue has now been resolved.

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I have some problem with 4.4.8.
When I drive the map doesn’t follow me.

-Update your iOS to the latest version
-Update the app
-Reboot your iPhone
-Use an iOS system recovery software