Picture orientation problem


this last weekend I used the official Mapillary app to do some captures while biking around the city. For some reason two large sequences of pictures (>2000) were captured rotated, as this one: rotated picture sample
This is the first time I am having this issue with the official app and unfortunately all the pictures were uploaded by the time I realized about the issue.

How can I fix it ? I do not see any option to rotate pictures in the on-line editing mode and even if there was one, there are too many pictures in the sequences to process them manually.


I am also having the same issue ever since v2.25, v2.26, or 2.27

Sample: https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/sgmgEBOzKs6r31grrj0W2g/photo

The photos appear to be in the correct orientation prior to being uploaded to Mapillary.

Same Issue here.

Maybe mapillary should add 2 easy functions:
Mass selection for deleting and rotating the uploaded pictures.

There’s another problem with the rotated pictures:
The automatic blur-functionality does not work.

Have a look at this:

I have filed an issue in https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/1972 . Lets hope they can at least fix the bug.

Mapillary app v2.28 just got released today for Android. I saw in the release notes for v2.28 mentions “Bugfix for rotated images”

I will have to take some photos in v2.28 to see if this fixes the issue.

Hi @YoViajo, @Caboosey, @Lednerb and @tryl

Sorry to hear you are having problems with the Mapillary app!
I am looking into this issue.
Could you please explain how often this problem occurs, is it all the time with your devices?
Please provide me with the logs from a capture that has the pictures rotated - to get longer logs go into ‘Feed’ - ‘Settings’ and enable ‘Write trace logs’

Please follow this issue at https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/1925

I’ll do my best to solve this problem!
Best regards

Got the same problem with 3 out of 11 sequences on my new OnePlus3, around 2000 photos that is rotated 90 degrees, easiest for me would ofcourse just be to upload it and let Mapillary handle it on there side.
There is probably already alot of rotated photos uploaded from different cameras (I have seen a few examples on the feed already) so I think Mapillary should invest some time in algoritms fixing rotated photos on their side.

With that said, what would be the easiest way for me to rotate these pictures before uploading?

About the logs @rsahlin , I enabled trace logs now and hopefully I can get out capturing some photos and logs in the next few days.

Hi @mojmoj

Sorry to hear that you hare having this issue too.
Could you please verify the following:

  • What version of the app are you using?
  • Do the photos have the right rotation if opened in image editor - ie the problem occurs after upload to Mapillary?

Please add a link to your sequences here and they will be corrected.

Best regards

hi @rsahlin

I am using verison 2.24 of the app.
The pictures are rotated if opened in an image editor.

The three sequences that needs to be fixed are these.


Thank you. /mojmoj

Hi mojmoj and thanks for the clarification

Could you please try the Beta version?
To get this please go into ‘Feed’ and select ‘Join Beta Group’ - hopefully the issue is fixed in that version.

@katrin - Could you please help with rotating the pictures?

Best regards

I tried the beta version and got a few sequences today.
First I tried the new “Auto” mode for three sequences and then I switched to thr riding mode and made ~5 sequences.

Back home I started looking at my pictures and noticed that all three sequences made with auto shows up rotated when looking at them on my phone while the others that I took in riding mode is correct.

Of course! @mojmoj we will set them straight soon. (:

Hi @mojmoj and sorry to hear the problem is till there

Could you please send debug logs by going into ‘Feed’ and select ‘Send debug logs’?
If you have uploaded any of the rotated sequences please point us to them.

Best regards

Hi @rsahlin

I tried to send the logs but gmail complains about them being larger thatn 20MB, is mapillary_trace.txt of any interest or is it ok if I just send mapillary.log?

I did upload the 3 rotaded sequnces in hope of them being helpfull with this issue.

Pinging @katrin here, need help rotating the sequences above too.

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So far it has been only one sequence that had pictures rotated while using the Mapillary app (sequence key: AzgV3IKTwaH7KhiXijyaMA, photo link). Later in the day I used the same capture setting and I got a “normal” sequence (sequence key: QQu3DvTjRCoyG8sEDEouJw). After that I have taken a lot of pictures and no rotation problem. Curious, isn’t it ?


@katrin Could you help me rotating this sequence: AzgV3IKTwaH7KhiXijyaMA ?

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Hi @mojmoj

Yes, that is a problem with too large files :slight_smile:

If you could manually send, or make both files available that would be great!
They could contain information from different log events.

Once this is done, please start new logs to reduce the logsize, by going into ‘Feed’ - ‘Settings’ and select ‘Start new logs’


Hi @YoViajo

Could you please send the debug logs as soon as possible?
To do this, go into ‘Feed’ and select ‘Send debug logs’

This will help me investigate the problem, thanks.



I placed the logs in a .zip and sent them.


Thanks @mojmoj - got them!

Best regards

Here is the debug log: https://goo.gl/Cas8YU