Manual rotation of pictures

Due to vibration, especially when collecting with bicycle, some pictures are turned up/down. An option on the website allowing to manually turn such troubleshooting pictures would be welcome.

People are asking for this for three years.

Avoiding the initial rotation of pictures in the mobile/android app would also be nice.


Is this pretty common? If so, maybe the best thing to do would be turn off the auto upload. Then when you’re done with the ride cruise through the pics to fix them, then turn on the upload.

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According to the API documentation you ought to be able to do this:

You can create, read, update and delete resources by sending requests to their endpoints with the corresponding HTTP verbs: POST , GET , PUT (or PATCH ), DELETE .

So unless I’m missing something it’s not necessary for Mapillary themselves to do it, someone in the community just needs to make an app that lets users select, download, rotate and upload the images again.

Maybe ask in the openstreetmap chat room?

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