Upside down images : (when) automatically fixed?


Hi, I have a new Android phone since my older one broke but this new one seems much more sensitive to the quality of the road surface (bicycle). Now I have about 1 on 20 pictures upside down…

Since I often upload 1000s of images it is too much work to delete or rotate these images.

Question: Is there already a mapillary bot that fixes these kind of upside down pictures automatically without sending a support mail? If not, when it is ready?

So e.g. this one is upside down , but the images before are okay ( here you see the bad road quality due to the upside down picture) , so it would be not to hard to automate a upsidedown-fixer just looking the location of the (blue) sky…


As a test I rollback to a very old version of the app ( 3.14) on my new phone. With that setup I had never upside down pictures with my old phone…and I have NO upside down pictures at all on the new phone!

So what did you guys add from 3.14 to the newest that makes the camera so sensitive? Please remove that part and I can use the latest version…


There is a workflow to rotate entire sequences, but I’ve not come across one for occasional individual photos in a sequence.

You’d have thought they’d have used ML to compare previous and following photos to figure if one photo is upside down.