Bug in Android app causing pictures to be taken upside down

While I was capturing Mapillary images in a car yesterday, some of my pictures ended up upside down due to what I think is a bug in the Android Mapillary app. See photo. While it was capturing the Mapillary app appeared upside down as well. I presume that the Android app thought that the phone was turned upside down when it was not? The portion of the sequence that is inverted is on Steeles Avenue east going northeast from just before Mississauga Road to Airport Road in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and on Airport Road going southeast from Steeles Avenue to just before Orlando Drive in Brampton and Mississauga.

Is there any way these images can be corrected so that they appear right side up?

Hi @andrewpmk,

Do you think you could email us at support@mapillary.com and we’ll make sure to answer you there?

Sorry for the trouble but we try to keep forum for discussions and bug/issue reporting to Github or support channel.

Many thanks!


I also have this when there is a hole in the road and the car bumps in, pictures get wrong orientation then sometimes. Of course this is because I switched off the option to stop capturing when phone is shaking.