Photo jumps from large view to small view

If a filter is set up for a user name in the web view, the photo jumps back from the large view to the small view (and the large road map opens) with each click on the arrow (for the next photo).
If you take the filter out, that doesn’t happen. This problem is independent of the chosen username and browser.

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Had same here in Antwerp, cured this Good Friday evening.

Same here.
Pretty much annoying behavoir. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I reported the same problem to - had no reply.
This was my description:
“I just noticed the following effect of filtering on the display of image sequences. I don’t know if it is a new effect or a new-to-me effect.
Without filtering I can use the forward-triangle above the image to start the display of a sequence from any photo in the sequence. It stops at the end of the sequence or when I click the stop-square.
When I filter by date and do the same thing on any of the visible sequences, the behaviour is the same.
When I filter a sequence or several sequences by user name the behaviour changes:
When I click the triangle the image disappears, but the position marker continues to walk along the sequence until it reaches the end of the sequence. It stops and the last image of the sequence gets displayed. You cannot stop the wandering position marker before the end of the sequence.
I see the same behaviour with three different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, edge) on my windows 10 computer.”

The problem is still present today.

Thanks for the bug report. Confirming that we can replicate this and will work to resolve. We’ll post here when it’s been fixed.

cc: @nikola

Thanks for reporting, it’s fixed now!