Filters dont work anymore

The User Filter and Time Filter dont work anymore

they are useless. They don’t do a thing. I set the filters to show only february and it still shows january images. Please FIX them


@jonahrf I’m sorry about this, it’s my fault. I’m working on fixing them right now. It’s tracked here I’ll ping you here when they’re fixed. Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Filters have been fixed, should behave as expected. Sorry about the hassle it caused.

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Hi, I was wondering why not all my sequences are shown when I filter on my own user name or on date. (username arvdk and date including for example sequence with key 9GPb3G4_rNSwi8ZEV99MUQ). Check the west part of the city center of Gouda (all sequences are mine) but they don’t show when filtered on name or date. Did I do something wrong?

Edit: city center of Gouda, The Netherlands; mapillary link to a hidden sequence

Hi @arvdk! This sounds like a bug - please report this in or and our developers will have a look.