Queries about Filter options

First query:

  • My account is automatically using an avatar from another social media account. As the sign up requires typed data rather that a ‘sign in using…’ option, how does this forum know what avatar I use?


  • Is there a way to deselect a node once it’s been clicked on? if a selected node’s route is outside the dates set within the filters options it is still displayed.

  • After a filter date has been set the calendar can’t be redisplayed without first resetting the date. When the date is clicked on again it should show the calender. It’s irritating to have to click repeated through all the months back to 2014 or earlier.

  • Is there a way to filter out users? Other websites allow the negative sign (-) prefixing the user name to be used to do this but doesn’t work in mapillary.

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I like the calendar improvement idea.

I don’t remember what they use for avatars. Do you have a gravatar account? That would be a common one for web sites to pull from. It may be that.

@DaveF do you have an account with gravatar? The forum software might be pulling it from there or potentially wordpress.

@knikel dug up this info.

Thanks for the UI suggestions regarding filtering. I’ve passed them onto our design team so they can see how they would fit in when the next redesign takes place.

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I am not sure if “Reset” is the correct word. To me it means “Set to a Previous Set”.
Now it means “Clear Filters”.

do you have an account with gravatar?

It appears I do. Thanks for reminding me. I believe this is the only forum I’ve used which utilizes Gravatar.

Now it means “Clear Filters”

I think I was understood.

A further option in Calender to select or scroll back by year would also be a convenience.

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I was going to like this last post, but I decided to be sure.
And, holy cow,

It is already possible. Just click on the year.

Err… Ok, Thanks, I suppose. It’s not that obvious what’s clickable, but now I know.

Let us hope that changing the year will become necessary in the future and that Mapillary will not undergo the same fate as Mapzen.

Sometimes it is impossible to find a place on a mapillary map because of the green dots.
Could this problem be solved ?
Now I use a long workaround.

I would like a sliding simultaneous calendar. Now it is trial and error to find the most recent pictures.

A few comments on these points.

  1. The UI today doesn’t give you a way to deselect a node but you can “hack it” in the URL by removing the part of the string that indicates the image key: &pKey=539yCivGxkQYHDmLYWt5iQ

  2. Good points about being able to click on the Date again to get the calendar to pop up, and that it’s not so obvious you can click on the month and year to access drop-down menus. Will make sure our design department gets the feedback.

  3. You’re correct, there are no “minus” filters on Mapillary today.

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