Date Filter / User Interface Suggestion

I previously wrote about unstable video downloads.

  1. It turned out sometimes that it just disappeared, about 1-5%
  2. After a long wait, the sequence still appeared on the map.

It may be a matter of quality, maybe in the work of servers. 1 percent of the fatal load and it is not annoying, but it turned out funny situation. I waited a week and decided to upload the same video again (I don’t know why it was delayed, maybe too much size …).
Then I received notifications about 15000-20000 checked images, and it turned out that each sequence had 2 doublers.
The dates of the sequences are the summer of 2018. On the map they overlapped each other and it was impossible to delete via the map (the same date).
I had to scroll down the right-hand menu for a long time … Then I deleted all the alternates.
It was a little funny thing, and I’m not interested in rating scams.

Therefore, I propose to enter date filters for the right-hand menu (with thumbnails of sequences).
Maybe someone from users will face a similar problem.