Interesting (large) upload effects on standard Mapillary web GUI

Observation, not complaint/concern.

2 days ago I did an 8hr upload of around 80 GBytes mixed forward BlackVue videos and side jpgs using the Mapillary tools CLI. On the web browser (Firefox) GUI I saw the usual yellow background “Processing” alert with thumbnails below with the usual image/sequence in processing display.

At some point the yellow background “Processing” stopped at 199 captures. I had uploaded 1150 BlackVue sequences and maybe 3000-5000 jpg sequences. From then and now 2 days later I only have one thumbnail below the Processing alert banner.

Might be nice to see how many really are waiting to process plus have the ability to check more than one sequence has worked!

@nikola - the processing message should show how many sequences are being processed, correct?

Thanks for reporting! As you probably noticed we check the last 200 uploads to determine how many are still processing. It definitely appears that this is insufficient here so we’ll look into improving this feature to handle situations like these!