Issues with new changes to web app

I noticed that at some point in the last day or so an update went through on the web app. I hope that it’s in progress, because there are some big issues.

1: When you click on an image point, the image box opens in the usual bottom left. Now, though, on larger resolutions, this box covers a crazy amount of the screen.

2: You click the arrow to switch to photo mode with the map in the corner. It’s still a huge box, but it has no means of minimizing or resizing. So you’re trying to view a photo, but you can only see like 80% of it unless you zoom and pan.

3: Back to map view, the photo in the bottom left at least has a close button, but it’s all or nothing. If you “Close current sequence”, you have no reference for what you were just viewing.

Can we get some way to minimize the box again instead of just closing it? It was perfectly fine the way it was. I don’t mind the “Close current sequence” method, but I don’t see any great use-case for it. If I’m viewing images, I switch back and forth (with hotkeys) between map and photo, and often minimize the map (with hotkeys, hint hint) to see more.


Apart from your point 3 I am not seeing any problem (10 hrs later). Apart from the X close box it seems to behaving as it was in the past. ie no image size concerns. (Firefox on Debian)

yeah, also not a fan of the minimize to close swap

On my home laptop with a 1366×768 resolution it’s fine, but my work monitor with a wider resolution shows the issue. I can’t get it to do it if I stretch my browser (move window, drag edge) on my laptop, so either it’s fixed since yesterday or it’s dependent on viewer size.

I agree this is a problem.

Odd I can’t upload an image to this forum to show an example either when I could before.

Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback on the latest version of Mapillary Web App. I brought up to discussion to have a minimizing map window feature again. I will keep you posted here.