Feature request. Zoom

Just guessing here but I do think that most of the images uploaded to Mapillary actually is of a higher quality than presented in the web UI.
Is there any plans on a zoom function? Mouse wheel zooming for example.
what about zooming into new closer photos?

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Please add your comment to https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/1173 . I think the issue has fallen asleep :smile:

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Good advice! Github is the place where these kinds of requests are the most visible to the people that can take them on :wink:

I do not think my idea fits in to that github report as that is about pre cropping/zooming to get rid of unwanted things as dashboards before upload or on serverside as peter says.

What I wanted is the ability to zoom in to an interesting object in the web viewer and if there are pictures even closer on that object then switch to that picture and continue zooming.

Take this picture as an example http://www.mapillary.com/map/im/Xt-M358SL6V78euewTsT6w/photo , that black metal thing looks interesting so I want to zoom in on it, naturally I would use the scroolwhell on my mouse to do that and get as close as possible.
Now there is 3 more pictures of that object as can be seen when clicking “Move forward” and I would like Mapillary to continue zooming and automatically moving forwards in the pictures too when using the mousewhell and the cursor placed where there is more pictures to get into.

Hope I managed to explain the difference and what I was requesting. Github is probably the best place so will see when I get the time, in the meantime the idea is here atleast.

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@mojmoj, apologies, I was reading this too hastily the first time but now I see there’s a clear difference between your request and @tryl’s. Like you just explained. (: It still applies that feature requests are good to be listed up on Github (even though I have now forwarded your idea to our developers anyway).

Sorry @mojmoj, I just saw the word “zoom” and thought of my idear - yes, yours is a completely different one.

I will engurage you to post it on GitHub. If you don’t want to create an account I can do it for you, but then it will be in my name.

I too would like your suggestion. My guess to why the images are only in a low resolution (high res is required for zooming) is the cost of having 50+ mio pictures available online and not just on storage. If a high res image is 5 MB (many will be larger), that would be over 250 TB of data in addition to what they have now. But please suggest it.

Nice. Thanks for your reply. This is work.

@mojmoj Thanks for the explanation of your feature request.

mapillary.com does not support zoom with the mouse wheel currently but we are working on a new website that is using the MapillaryJS viewer. In MapillaryJS we added support for scroll wheel zoom in panoramas some time ago.

There is already an issue for the first part of you request, i.e. zooming in regular images, so you do not have to create a new one. We will try to implement that as soon as possible. The second part of your request, i.e. move to an image in front of the current one when continuing to zoom, is interesting but more involved. Will keep it in mind for the future.

@oscarlorentzon Nice writeup of what is going on, looking forward to the MapillaryJS viewer.
The second part was more of a bold idea, interesting but I know there probably is some major work to be done to get it functioning so good to know that you will keep it in mind,

Thank you @katrin and @tryl for for your respective contribution in the thread.

Best regards /mojmoj

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