No more image view in sequence editor

Maybe I’m doing it wrong, or maybe this has been changed long ago. (It’s ages ago that I last was using the sequence editor.) But I am not able to get an image view anymore in the sequence editor. Which makes it almost impossible to do any editing.

Is anybody else seeing this? Is it me?

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Oh this is funny. If I press the Back button in my webbrowser, then the photo shows up! Mapillary is really breaking the behaviour of the back button (, but in this situation it’s a happy mistake.

I see that the problem with current node not being highlighted in the editor is still there, years after I’ve started complaining about it.

Yes I am seeing it, but since it was “seen” the page before I would deem it okay. My only issue then is how to show it has been deleted or had the compass angle as a pending change. When deleting/changing masses of images it’s easy to get lost.

Hi Bob, you are misunderstanding. The photo was not “seen” the page before. The photo was not visible at all. It was only by pure coincidence that I pressed the back button, and then I noticed the photo come up. There was no indication anywhere that this would be the case.

Okay well my steps were;

  • Zoom up to sequence/image I want to alter
  • Click on the image green circle, image becomes visible lower left
  • Click on three dots, Edit current sequence and image disappears. Editing window appears centred/bottom

My experience then seems different to yours. I haven’t tried/used the back button. I note that the editor does seemed to have changed recently but I cant remember exactly what. (sorry)

Firefox 60.5.0 ESR Debian 9

I think I understand. You only edit one and one image, am I correct? I needed to edit the positions of all 400 images in a sequence. I had to be able to click an image, view it, and then correct it’s position.

Yes only one image at a time. Not efficient.

It seems that overall sequence editing is too limited when it comes to mass position fixes. I have only ever been able to drag and drop one image per submit/save. If I had to edit the positions by a known amount I’d probably delete the sequence on the server and resubmit the upload having corrected the error first.

It does take a lot of time, but it is doable for me. Changing the position of a sequence of 400 photos took me about 2 hours. The most irritating error for me (once I had the preview image back) is that you have to hold the mouse button down for 1 second before you can start moving a photo, else it will not “grab” it. (I think it first wants to fully load the preview image.)