The sequence editor makes me nuts!

Hi there!

I would just like to hear, if your guys are working on a new sequence editor. The current one are impossible(!!!) to use! :open_mouth:
I’m at the point right now that I’m not going to correct the GPS coordinates, due to the current editor.

Are you aware of the problems in it?
Like if you by accident moves your pointer over another sequence, it just jumps to other images?!

It’s really frustrating :sweat:


  • Sulfo

I totally agree!

As I understand they are working on a new editor: Status on large change sets and change set process so we are lucky!

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Uh nice!

Let’s hope it will be implemented soon, so we can begin using it. :smile:

Well, it works well for one picture.
It is a shame that so many people are left frustrated because they do not know that the tool does noet work.

Inded. It works perfect for one image. But it’s really disappointing that the edit function is now being disabled. As it is now, it’s 98% unusable. :-/