[bugreport] Ability to close current sequence gone

The recently added ability to close the current sequence (the “X” button in the image) seems to be gone.

Might be related to fixing the minimising of the map/image view in Allow hiding/minimising the map widget .

It is still bad, but that is a feature.
Why should it be necessary to close one, before clicking on another ?

It’s a bugreport, as this feature disappeared with restoring of the minimisation button - as they are located at the same place, I’m guessing this was not intentional.
It’s useful in cases when I want to browse an area to see which streets have no imagery, and having a sequence selected makes the view much more cluttered. Not a critical feature, but definitely useful.

Hi guys, the devs are aware of the feedback about this button and are working on a solution. I don’t have a timeframe to quote but I will alert them to this thread to see that there is a desire to have this feature again.


Don’t hurry.

A button to un/hide the sequences would be welcome.

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