Allow hiding/minimising the map widget

It is really great that in the latest website versions there’s now “Close current sequence” button.
But now the map view is bigger, and cannot be minimised, as it was possible before.
This obstructs a rather large portion of the image.
Is it possible to return the ability to minimise the map view like it was before (turning it into a pretty small icon)?

@Richlv Thanks for reporting this issue! I have responded to your email to Have a great day!

Happy to announce that minimizing issue has fixed on Mapillary Web App.

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I retract my like. The little window is still not the right size. I have to open a Chrome instance with a resized window for Mapillary alone.

Hi @filipc, Pease, could you share screenshot what is the actual problem of the window size? What do you mean with right size? What kind of screen do you use and what kind of problem are you facing with?

Thank you for bringing the minimising control back, works OK for me :slight_smile:

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