Suggestions for WebGL image viewer features

Is there something simple, complicated or just spectacular that you would like to be able to do when navigating in the WebGL image viewer? Discuss the viewer functionality here.

Some suggestions:

  • Lock free movement navigation to the sequence of the current image to easily navigate to a specific sequence image.
  • Control the speed when playing a sequence.
  • Travel in time at a fixed position.

Add and discuss any ideas below!

When showing the way to get somewhere, I don’t mind skipping some pictures, as long as mly or other links in the chain do not perform as Netflix.

Smoother movement without unexpected viewing direction changes is something we aim for. As you mention, that sometimes means skipping some images positioned near the current one and instead using a better match further away. We actually updated the moving functionality very recently to improve the behaviour when navigating in the viewer.

There are many properties of the movement that can be used when trying to create a good navigation experience. It could be the direction change or the difference in motion with respect to where we want to go.

When there are many candidates for moving in a certain direction the probability to find a good candidate is higher. This means that uploading more images in an area will help the viewer find a better match for good movement in a certain direction in the future.

Check out the new moving functionality and let us know what you think.

my wish-list:

  • Lock to sequence
  • Pre-load blurs
  • Disable transitions between photos
  • Before the new viewer was released, the dev version had this white rectangles to indicate where the related photos are. this wasn’t the prettiest feature and I understand why this didn’t make it to the final version, but it would be useful when reviewing. If that code is still available it would be nice to be able to activate it.
  • A expandable box in the sidebar (titled ‘advanced browsing’) to hold the options to customize the way you browse trough the photos. inside this box there should be check boxes for features like the things I mentioned above.

We have now added Lock to sequence functionality. Beacuse it is an advanced feature it is available in the Edit accordion, i.e. when you are logged in.

Also, there is now a new accordion for photos nearby looking in the same direction as the on you are currently at. That can be used to find related photos in another way than the hanging camera frames. The main difference is that the nearby photos can be in front of the current position as well as on the side and behind it. The hanging camera frames could only be shown for photos in front of the current position.

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