Disable annoying fade effects on map viewer?


I’m watching images in los angeles but the annoying fade effects is making me very dizzy. The fade effect makes really no sense at all. Can you add an option to disable that annoying effects?

Disable annoying "smooth transitions" between images

Menu -> Settings -> Camera -> Animate shutter on capture.

Edit: Sorry I misunderstood.


@Unique I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what you mean. Is it the transitioning from one image to the next in the viewer that you don’t like?


Yep, and there is no camera settings. I have vomited after i took this screenshot. I already have Epilepsy and i always avoid playing games or watching videos that makes me instant dizzy… I’m sick today… I will never use this service ever again

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/AboqMO3


@Unique I am sorry to hear that. We are using the images to create 3D reconstructions of places, and the transitions are a part of that. However, if you move between photos by clicking on the points on the map, instead of the arrows in the photo, and the photos are far enough from each other so that there is no overlap in their content, then there will be just a switch and no transitions (regardless of whether there are other photos in between or not).


At least add an option to disable it, and also add an option to change image moving delay when autoplay is on.
I’m going back to Google Street view that unfortunately does not have autoplay. It also have 3d transitions thing but it’s much better and it does not make me dizzy.
Bye bye


I’m sure Mapillary development team could easily do this. It is a valid point you make and the team does respond to issues and requests.


@Unique @Didz Thanks! I can’t promise that we will implement this, but I took the request to the team for consideration.


Similarly I don’t like the window in the middle of the picture when I have to judge pictures for deletion.