Disable annoying "smooth transitions" between images

Hi, I’ve just started using Mapillary.
Is there a possibility to disable these “smooth transition effects” between the images of a sequence? I really would like to see only the images in the Mapillary player, without these fade effects.
Thank you very much!

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Mapillary is a computer vision company, and they use images to create 3D reconstructions of places. Unfortunately, with that comes the fade effect between images.
Currently, the only way to avoid that is to click on each image individually. They have recently implemented a new design, as discussed in their latest blog post, that the fade effect will be becoming smoother. (Launching the Better, Faster, Upgraded Mapillary Web - The Mapillary Blog)

This forum post has more information, Page not found

They could make it possible to disable it. There is no technical reason that people should look at it. While it looks really cool the first times, I too think it becomes tedious over time.

One option is to implement a viewer ourselvs. They provide the API so it is plain Javascript. Personally I don’t have the time, but it should not be that hard.

FYI, there’s an option for this on the web app now :slight_smile:


That is most shocking news :slight_smile:
Why is it under 3D display settings ?

but it get’s reset to default (enabled) every time web viewer is opened.

BTW, I have noticed this option a while ago (it was present in April’19 for sure)

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