Is having a Street View-like navigation planned?

It is incredibly useful when using Google Street View to just click on somewhere on the road and be teleported to this exact location. Right now, Mapillary only lets us use the arrows, and I feel like it’s sometime annoying, because you’ll press on an arrow, see another image, but sometimes you won’t be able to know precisely where this image has been taken relative to the last image, especially when no Structure from Motion could have been done, resulting in a diaporama instead of a smooth transition. If it isn’t planned, I do believe that could be the next big step for Mapillary to reach Street View’s level

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Hi @TheWonderfulTartifle - you can click on any green dot at Mapillary to see the image from that location. Is that what you mean? Structure from Motion relies on having images taken relatively close together so that the algorithm can understand the overlap between the two. We recently updated our defaults to be 3 meters instead of 5 meters which will help with this for uploads going forward.

No, I was more talking about when actually viewing an image, being able to click somewhere on the road and be teleported there instead of pressing the arrows at the bottom of the screen

I see, I also see the map while viewing an image in the corner and can click on any of the green dots. Do you see that? Or is there something else you’re looking for?

Sorry, I think I haven’t explained well. This is the navigation I was talking about : Navigation Street View avc.mp4 - Google Drive , sorry for the confusion

Ah, thank you. That video is super helpful. I think that’s a great feature request - we’ll keep it in mind for planning!

Also SFM matching between sequences needs to be improved for this to work properly. For example, these sequences already have decent individual reconstructions, but there are three different reconstructions of the same thing: Point clouds, are they coming back? - #16 by enteq (also see other threads linked there)

It’s a shame they’re not answering you on the other threads, it is indeed a place where they could improve I believe

Hi @enteq - yes, agreed that there are improvements to be made on the SFM/Point Cloud front as well. This is also on our backlog and we expect improvements here, but it may be a bit until we see those as its a fairly complex problem to solve.

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