How does mapillary sequences work?

I’m trying to understand how exacly mapillary makes use of the images sequence, since i’m trying to navigate between a limited set of images (5 images total).

One of these 5 images is my viewer startpoint, and i want the viewer to have navigation only between the others remaining images. What i am current doing is that i’m getting the others 4 images and returning in the getSequence.

It would be helpfull if someone knew how mapillary handles this sequences to send to the navigation arrows, so he knows how to function

Not exactly sure what you are asking, but the base logic is that a sequence of images is used to make a 3D reconstruction of objects in the (moving) FOV. A rubbish bin on the street for example appears as an expanding FOV object that can then be “placed” at a particular location and recognised for what it is. The object size and frame rate and/or velocity will affect how accurate this will be.

That is the crux of what Mapillary is about, recognising objects and “3D vision” based on multiple in order sequences of images.

I cant help for the API use sorry…