Pending >10 edits since days?

Hi, I noticed that I have ~10 edits since a few days, which aren’t confirmed yet. Is there a issue with that specific edits, or is it just pending in your review queue? Or is it a bug? New edits seem to pass by and get reviewed very quickly :thinking:

But I don’t want to start new edits , as I’m not sure, if I will create conflicts with my pending edits :boom:

I have 36 edits pendings for years :sweat_smile:

probably I made edits to remove sequences or pictures from other users (which was not allowed in the past and still not), so my counter never gets to 0

Likewise I have a single edit over a year old that I am studiously ignoring. I seem to remember it complained about the change not being my image sequence, but it was… I have no idea how to even bring up (on the GUI) where the hung edit is…

The mapillary team told me that this is about unapproved deleted photos of other users sequences. They are pending, because currently they can’t confirm the deletion.