Maximum images in sequence for edit now limited to 1000?

I have several sequences with more than thousand images. Yesterday and today I tried to edit these sequences, but it seems that only the first 1000 images are shown on the map and location can be corrected in the edit-mode. Is this true? Why is the limit set to 1000 ? How can I now edit 1000+ sequences??

Also, when I try to correct sequences from other users (normalize direction) only the first 1000 are done. In the past, I could wait some seconds and then the full sequence could be normalized, regardless the number of images. How can I now edit 1000+ sequences??


Can the sequences have been split, so the images are there, just in other sequences?

No, sequence has not been split.

You can reproduce the problem by searching for any sequence larger than 1000 images, go to “Edit sequence” and than do “normalize”. You will see maximum of 1000 proposed edits.

Maybe @katrin knows if something has been changed in the edit mode.

Can you post the url to an example?

Hi there,
I just checked - there is a 1000 images limit to the editor. I think this is a bug, but I will raise an issue about it. Thanks for letting us know!