Edits are not being reviewed?

Since the launch of the new website, I have submitted various edit requests, the first one on July 21.

None of these have been accepted yet. Is there such a long waiting queue for the review, or is there something wrong with my edits?

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Maybe it’s just “summer vacations”? :smile:

@pbb It’s actually all of these together - ongoing work with the editing system, long queue, and summer vacations :slight_smile: But we’re nearly there. Just a note that if there should be something “wrong” with your edits then you’d receive a notification that your changesets were rejected by email (if you have the notifications turned on on your profile) and in your feed. So while there’s no information, they are still pending. Sorry for the wait!

Thanks Katrin, looking forward to seeing my tracks updated! :smile:

Thanks for the patience! Believe me, we are looking forward to it at least as much to have it all running properly. Getting closer by the minute luckily! =)

I’ve seen a few changes trickling in already, very nice!

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What about editing someone else’s sequences? Almost a year ago, as a newbie, I marked the photo from the room for editing. These 7 sequences are still “hung” (under consideration) on my page.