How to clear a pending edit?

I have had an edit pending alert on the GUI for more than 6 months. Do I just ignore it?

@peter are these getting auto approval still under certain criteria?

Something really strange happening last 2 weeks. Uploads are being processed extremely slow (mine from 10 days ago are not completely processed yet, tracks are not visible), i have pending edits waitibg for ‘approval’ fir 5 days already.

In the past it was taking hours, not days or weeks.

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I have uploaded about 500K images over the last 6 days. About 20% of them are track visible so far.

According to this status message, there was an incident slowing down processing:

Just for the record, I now have "Pending edits: 20" in my feed.

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Thanks, I was not aware of such stats.
Anyway, dunno what exactly has been “resolved”…
My 25k images which I have uploaded 10+ days ago are… still being processed at the speed of… 300-500 images per day

Just a thought Ed @eneerhut . I got the impression that when I was doing some editing, some of them were seen as “not my username” even though they were. Wondering if my old use of the “Australia Group” or when the auth system was changed is related.

The edit in question is so old I dont even remember what it was about.

Checking my own feed messages, for the past 7 days I discovered a spread between 2 and 1699 in the number of images being published.

In general, I uploaded between 1500 and 7000 images per upload in the past 14 days.

My last edit request was approved on August 8, 2019.

For a free service like this it seems acceptable to have delays if important people are on vacation, but I would like to know what to expect in which timeframe. No pressure intended, just wanted to be informed.

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The test run I did (27.5k images in my holiday) have almost all been published and take between a day and two days to get added to the database. SfM is a bit irratic though.

My edits (am at 12 now) seem to remain stuck… I have some corrections (180 degree angle adjustments) and requested the deletion of a few sequences due to erroneous geo tagging) but I am waiting upon the deletions.

And same here… no pressure, just would like to know how long it’ll take (if it’s a week… it’s a week :wink: it’s the not knowing part )

Thanks for being understanding and patient! We have been importing a lot of images from lvl5 and other sources and this has put strain on the system. It should start to speed up this week though.

@peter might be able to give a more accurate time frame.

Really appreciate the positive way in which questions are asked in this forum though. Thanks guys!


The Australia organisation should not have an impact on this. The delay in edits seems to be related to the system having to handle a large influx of images. Hopefully it will start to catch up on the backlog this week.

Ah rats, and I thought I put pressure on your system with my 27.5 k images :rofl:

So, are the tiles now up to date for everyone? We are having delays related to the number of images being imported (we are currently at around 1-2M images/day, without any bigger imports like LVL5, that’s on top of that, up to 10M/day when we are at target speed).

For the 3D reconstruction and SfM, we are having some delays due to another phenomenon - SfM is getting increasingly slow when the density of images increase in a tile that we recalculate. This has not been noticeable before, however we now have areas that are having very dense converage, making this a bottleneck in theoverall processing pipeline.

We are working on a more effective way to do this, to be tested very soon. The notifications for images being processed are sent out when the SfM processing is done, which right now lags behind the publishing of the blurred images. That’s why you might be getting notifications long after your upload.

We are working on all these fronts as fast as we can :slight_smile:


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Is it possible that stuff got re-calculated?

I am working on an implementation for usage of Mapillary in a personal project. and I noticed on my “holiday test image series” that some sets of imagery was nicely processed by SfM, but then it was all messed up and now it is OK again!?

Example: the two routes you see here get (nicely and correctly) merged into the same route again:
Excuse the “digital bla bla” you see happening all around… but it helps me to really understand what is happening so I can build a good interface for my “big plan”

I still have one pending edit but no upload backlog.The lens correction is also working well. There is a significant delay displaying recent zoomed tracks but no comlaint.

some of my sequences uploaded beginning of Aug are still not showing on the map when zoomed in (no track visible).

Hi @peter
FYI, I am still receiving processing notifications for the uploads from Aug 4th, so some backlog is still there

Also some of the tracks are still not visible on the fine zoom levels


Yes, we have a massive lag on the SfM part - I hope the new algos are deployed in the next weeks. However, we are not waiting for that to be finished before rendering the tiles, so that has been another issue. However, the track for that sequence is there AFAICS?

thanks, indeed, it was browser cache issue, after clearing the cache - all ok.

did they resolve the problem !!!
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