Blur requests - how long does it take for them to get approved?

I’m bloody new to Mapillary. I discovered it a couple of days ago and I like the idea and plan to contribute more, too. But I’ve got a question. How long does it take for a blur request to be approved if I haven’t reached the 200 mark of which I have read it means the requests are getting approved automatically? I’ve made 1500 blur requests for my hometown so far since Friday and I’m patiently waiting for the number of pending requests to go down, but it doesn’t. I’m not complaining, I’m okay with that taking a while and of course the requests aren’t too urgent, but I just wanted to know of the users here how much time I should expect.
I’ve been searching here and on the help sites and Google if I can find an information on that, but I haven’t, so I guess if some people report here how long it takes usually anyone having the same question as me will be able to find an answer if they search for it.

Also the obligatory “if it’s in the wrong forum please move”, I haven’t found something more specific for my question.

Tl;dr: Basically just the question in the title.

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I’m not sure. I usually see an email within a day or three. Maybe there’s a delay for new users to get approved?

BTW - If you haven’t there is a thread where new users can stop in and say hi. Feel free to do that since quite a few folks will get a notification when you do. :smile:

Also, if you have a sequence or pic that you want to share, feel free to that too.

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I agree with allen, I usually get an email the same day. I think new users goes through a manual process while at a certain level it happens automatically and you get an email when the request is processed. I would give it some more days - write here again if you see nothing. Then we can ping the people at Mapillary who sit with this.

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Thanks both of you for your answers! I’ll wait a couple of days and have an eye on it. And thanks for the hint with the new user thread, I think I’ll do a post there. Had you found this already? Scroll down a bit. “Approval of blur requests”

Yes indeed I did. That’s where I’ve got the infos in my post from (for example the 200 mark).

I am just worried because on that help page it says once every workday, but my “pending blur requests” counter hasn’t gone down since my first blur last friday or saturday.
But I’ll still wait until the weekend in case it’s just a temporary issue or something else is currently more important - because as I mentioned, blur requests are probably not the most important thing on the team’s to-do list. If the counter still hasn’t gone down at least one request I think I’ll message the support by monday so someone can have a look into it and tell me if it’s an error or if it’s just something that had to be pushed to a later point because of something more important.

Oh, just minutes ago finally my first request was approved! But it’s only one, and it’s the last one I made. So I guess I’ll keep waiting for the 1582 other ones :slight_smile:


Haven’t they bundled multiple into a single mail?

No, it was literally just one that has been approved. The other ones are still pending.

Update! Today I finally finally got some requests approved. I haven’t contacted the support yet though since I haven’t had much time this week. But seem I don’t even need to anymore. There are still a lot of open requests, but I guess these will now finally start to get less. :blush:

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