Our profile picture

On my profile page, where it shows my total number of pictures and how many meters I’ve covered there is a blank picture space that needs a profile picture.
Can someone walk me through how to put a profile picture there?
Thanks for any and all help.

On here only a blue circle with the letter “J” shows.
I’d like my profile picture to show in that circle.

You can do it under

Your link took me to the starting page for Mappillary.
I need better directions than that, thanks.

Other names for this small introductory pictures are “icon”
"Thumbnail "
And profile picture.

it can be done at https://legacy.mapillary.com/map/settings/profile

(Upload photo)

I can’t get through the password block.
Until I can sign in at will I guess I’ll be faceless.

Yes, you might want to change it.

I now have a picture in my circle.
This should not be so hard.