Change the profile photo

I’ve tried to change my profile photo but I can’t … I’ve tried using both Firefox and Chrome but nothing change …


Hi @CesareGerbino,

Thanks for letting us know. Can you please detail the issue on github issues. Are you able to upload a new photo from settings? At which point do you get stuck?

I just tried to change my profilephoto as well. It said it could take some time before the photo gets updatet, so we will see, but if my picture changes in a monkey sometime soon it worked. (I am using Chrome on Windows)

Thanks for creating a github issue about this @CesareGerbino. We’ll get to it.

Quite strange … I’ve retried from Chrome but I’m waiting for the response of the browser for over an hour … :frowning:

Thanks for letting us know and filing an issue in Github. We do have some issues with this now and working on fixing it.

where can I change my avatar photo on the main page? On the main page is written “If you would like to change your avatar, please use the iOS app.” But I haven’t iOS, only Android and my Home Computer.

@czmartin, sorry - you can’t change it currently on the Android app or the web. We’re working to fix it up. Don’t know if it makes it any better but you sure are not alone with this issue: :wink:

Also @peter said he may take a look if it would be worth the effort to enable it on our old web as a quick fix.

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Hi, it took me 2 months before discovering how to change / to add the profile photo (avatar or icon or whatever you call it). So here a short manual for everyone to add a picture to your Mapillary profile:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your mapillary credentials
  3. Go to ‘Setings’
  4. When you see your ‘Profile Settings’, you can ‘upload’ a picture for your profile
  5. Click ‘update’ and your are done and have a Mapillary profile photo

So no android or iphone apps needed.

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