A picture on me on the leader boards


How can I make it so there is a picture icon of.me on the leaderboards?
Right now there is just a unisex silowett. I would like to have a picture like so many others have.


Interesting question. Would have thought that if you visited https://www.mapillary.com/app/settings/profile there’d be the option to upload or even change your profile pic : not this morning, though.
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Oops, can reply to my previous message : along the top of this page on the far right you’ll find a dot with a capital letter in it : press that, and in the drop-down list you’ll find another cogwheel (next to the envelope and the ribbon (which is a book mark icon)) ; click /that/ cogwheel and you’ll land on a profile page where you /can/ change the profile pic.
Looks like another instance where there is a way to do it, but it wouldn’t hurt if the option was accessible from more that one spot; similar to finding the forum when you’re uploading pics (if I recall one of your earlier questions?): you need to be at the bottom of the login screen to find the link to the forum - or bookmark it.
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I have a profile picture.
This image of me appears on my posts, but on the leader board I am nothing more than a shadow.


Next step -which you’d undoubtedly worked out yourself already- could be to ask those who do have their picture on the Leaderboard to ask how they did that.
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At the profile page In really small font that is light grey on white background it says “If you would like to change your avatar, please use the iOS app.”

Weird because I don’t have apple products and I somehow uploaded an image there years ago.


I have a picture on the leaderboard, but I cannot see neither how I did it. I tried Chrome and Edge. The choice must have disappeared accidently.

Or could it be a drag and drop ?


I found that.
This looks to me like only apple people can install a picture.
My idea no is to install Mapilary on my friend’s apple phone, take a picture and go that way. Then I will need to uninstall the app from her phone.
This needs work people!
Putting a profile picture on shouldn’t be this hatd.


@JBTheMilker I know it’s sub-optimal, but you can change your profile picture using the old site.

Edit: I originally wrote you “can’t”, but I meant you “can!”


I had a friend with an I phone log into my maxillary and post a picture.