No Photos in Explore Tab

Cant seem to get any photos to show in App. Ok in web ver but not in app. Ver 5.1.0

Hey @3stripes,

Please, can you share following details with us?

  • Your device model and Android Version (You can find it on your settings page under About section)
  • Mapillary App version (find it at the bottom of the left-side menu in the app).

Please find further troubleshooting instructions at this link


My Ph: Samsung SM-A740F Android 9

Mapill: 5.1.0

BTW1 I am a significant UPLOADER for Mapillary. See screen shot

Capture and Upload works fine (from Ph)

Explore works fine in Web ver: Chrome Browser in Window 10 but NOT on My Ph.

UPDATE: have just downloaded on my Wife’s Andorid 11 (Samsung Galaxy A51)

Explore seems to works OK ie photos show.

:frowning: So the problem is just with my Android 9 Phone.

:blush: BTW2 On Android Explore is it possible to filter or show only My Coverage (like on Web ver)