Android: Mapillary 5.15 is out

Mapillary for Android 5.15

Full version name is 2023.09.12-5.15.45


With the goal of making app lighter, faster and more stable we moved a next screen, Explore, to a new design approach.


New designs:

  • Explore screen

New features:

  • Image reporting
  • Location tracking button on Explore
  • Sequence coloring by age


Thanks everyone (cc @Lowiekse, @zufir, @Albergarri788) for helping with chasing the issues in Open Testing.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated.

Best Regards, Yaro.


I found that application does not do screen blink when shoot an image. It was useful when I want to get only 1 picture, not series (to use it later for mapillary tag in osm).
Could you please check if it was intentional change. In such case please suggest how can I get only 1 picture.

The screen flash on capture is adjustable from the settings. I just checked that it works on my device, so hopefully it will work for you. Please, see the attached image on where to enable the screen flash.

BR, Yaro

Thank a lot, it works!
In my translation this menu is called flashlight, I thought it is for enabling flashlight in dark environment :slight_smile:


For me, uploading directly via WiFi does not work. This happened while I was recording.

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Hi @Lowiekse, I’m already checking uploads.

And just to be double check the user-flow: you have enabled automatics uploads and uploads over Wi-Fi, and that doesn’t work for you, am I correct here?

BR, Yaro

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Yes, this is what I experienced

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Hi @Lowiekse - you said you were trying to upload via Wi-Fi while recording? Do you have Wi-Fi while you are walking or driving? What device is providing the Wi-Fi? Are you sure you don’t mean cellular/mobile data?

I used a other phone as WiFi hotspot.

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Got it, and the upload didn’t work at all? Did it work when you manually pressed the upload button or connected to another wifi network?

Yes that works.

OK, stange - we’ll see if we can reproduce this on our end. Thanks!

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I’ve uploaded 500k images using my old phone.
My old phone has a slightly dodgey gyroscope sensor.
When I mount the phone in the car the level indicator goes crazy due to any bumps in the road.
There used to be an option to disable the tilt check in the Mapillary app.
Now that option has been removed my phone does not record much imagery, because it thinks the phone is tilting when it is not, it’s just an uneven road and my phone.
Please bring this option back.

Hi there @timtimtomtim - thanks for reporting. Which phone model is it that you’re using? Could you provide a link to your Mapillary account?

I believe the recording should automatically resume once the “bump” is passed, is that not happening for you?