Are my Pictures lost?

My pictures from March 25 don’t show up in Uploads or Feed. I don’t know how much pictures, but i don’t want upload my images in a black hole.

App Version is 2.40 Android, newer versions don’t working exceptable for me. (sorry for the poor english)

Have your images appeared? Some times it can take several days for photos to appear. Especially if there have been a problem or a lot of images has been submitted.

Nope, they don’t appear. Meanwhile i uninstall the app and stop making pictures for mapillary.

I suggest you contact . If the images are uploaded they may help finding them. If they are lost the bug needs to be fixed.

One of my folders (247 images) has not been published. Used the desktop uploader. Another (999 images) published in part. I sent a report …

It sometimes takes a couple of days. I keep a local copy until they’ve all been processed, but I’ve never needed it.