Images from March 30 to April 1?

Has anyone else had images from March 30 thru April 1 not show up under uploads, nor on the map?

Images I submitted March 29 and earlier, and images I submitted today, are showing up just fine on my uploads list.

But EVERY image from March 30, March 31, and April 1, are doing the thing where you can navigate to them with arrows from nearby sequences, but not edit or access them otherwise. Nothing is special about the images nor how I submitted them.

Has this date range been bad for anyone else? I hope these show up – they’re thousands of images representing hours of work.

I have the same problem with images uploaded around these dates. I don’t remember the exact upload date, but it was around. The images are correctly uploaded because I can see them in OpenStreetMap Id editor. But they do not appear on the Mapillary app map, neither in the Uploads section.

Example of a picture missing in the Mapillary app in OpenStreetMap Id editor:

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Oh, cool, they’re all on my list of uploads, and some are on the map, now!

This took longer than the last time I saw images get delayed in being published. I’d feel much more comfortable if we could see all our uploads, and an explanation if they’ve been rejected or delayed for publishing.

I think folks who contribute thousands of good-quality images can be trusted with that. Because I have had thousands of images of hiking trails just never be published, with no explanation.

Yes. Mine are slowly appearing as well. It just took longer than previous times. I think there should be a notification or message announcing that the images are still being processed.

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