Manually correct angle on 360° images

I uploaded 360° images, but for some of them the angle is incorrect. I guess either the autodetection got confused or I held my phone differently from the orientation of the camera.

Either way, manually correcting it is easy enough for normal photos, so why not for 360°. The issue is that the angle in the editor is not updated when I drag around the image. So I don’t know if the visible region of the photo actually corresponds to the cone rendered on the map. For the regular viewer it seems to remember my last viewed angle, so possibly also for the editor?

I can find the images in my backups of course, figure out what’s “forward” in them and try to match that. Alternatively, guess a bit, then play ping/pong with editing and the approval so that the change is reflected on the full viewer.

All seem a bit cumbersome… is there some other trick I am not considering?



Hi @breunigs
What application do you use to get panoramas?

Regarding your question did you try to “edit current sequence” and “Set offset” option? I did it right now but need to wait until will be proceed by site.