Panoramic and other alternative views

After shooting quite some sequences of roads with an action camera on my car or bike I have a lot of sequences there you basically see the road, but not necessarily what’s beside the road, even though that sometimes is the more interesting part of the view.

To get around this I made some panoramic views (not necessarily 360, but at least the interesting parts). Sometimes it works really nice and sometimes the compass angle gets totally fucked up. Is there a special way to manually upload a panoramic sequence?

Another way of views is inverted panoramic views where you walk around a landmark or a square and take pictures of it from all angles. It works really nice if you take enough pictures.

Somebody else with other ideas and advice on how to take interesting sequences?

I am currently walking with 4 cameras in 2 directions, giving an image for every 45 degree angle. It is an effective way to give people the option to look for what matters to them. You can check out some of my uploads at . A few got geotagged with a wrong location and I am not able to hide the images, so I hope you will hit a few good ones.

You can upload panoramic images using all the normal ways, web uploader and the Python scripts. You can use one of the many programs for geotagging to set the angle correctly. I am not the best to give a pointer to a good program.

In general compass angle is not trustworthy on phones. I would never navigate anywhere using a compass app :smile:

I have to look tomorrow on my laptop. I don’t get the latest website on my tablet, so no 360 viewer
My pocket camera should have a fairly good compass, but I haven’t checked then exif content of the images yet. But I have also the feeling that Mapillary adjusts the angles

Now I made a sequence of a windmill:

The windmill lies in an open field, I went in an almost perfect circle around it pointing the camera att the windmill. GPS track + heading are perfectly recorded.
But the 3D modelling process makes a mess of it anyway. @Peter is there a way to help the 3D modelling proces in these cases? It would be nice if you could tell it the headings are correct (+/- 10 degrees)