Camera Pan and Tilt

Apologies if this has been covered already somewhere but I am really struggling to get my head around this issue and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to provide the best contributions possible.

My Insta 360 One RS is generating 360 equitriangluar 2:1 images and I can upload them with the corrected lat and lon coordinates … that’s all fine and good … but what I cant seem to do is make the default view from the camera point in the natural direction of travel … consequently if I play the whole sequence at some point it turns a corner and the view ends up as a sideways view as if looking left (or right) rather than forwards. I have tried adding GPano:PoseHeadingDegrees and GPano:PosePitchDegrees tags (using python) to the images but this doesn’t seem to work which is a shame because (in some cases) I’m walking on footpaths in the woods and as my camera is mounted on a helmet I naturally walk with my head tilted either up (when going up hills) or down (when going down them) so a pitch adjustment would lead to a more user friendly experience. I don’t want to keep asking for sequences to be removed (because they are not correctly positioned) …

Im not 100% sure that I am correctly injecting the tags using python, the exif tags for the lat and lon seem to be working correctly but then they are part of the exif standard tags, but the Pano: tags are not exif so its possible that I am not applying them correctly in the user comment field or its possible that the tags are not even checked / used by Mapillary.

Do you have any advice or know of any other exif tags I could use that Mapillary would use to reposition the pose as intended, or is it just not possible ?

Using the standard mapillary_tools on a fully pre-populated EXIF works for me. ie I don’t use the “–interpolate_directions” argument and don’t update/change the EXIF tags. I use exiftools to write the EXIF tags from an nmea input.

The EXIF tag for travel direction I use is GPS Track or Exif.GPSInfo.GPSTrack. I actually apply --offset_angle 270 (in mapillary_tools) though as that particular camera is pointing left out the side window.

Note that in your case --interpolate_directions might actually be a better/faster option, if you are using mapillary_tools. I have no idea how the 360 images work with them though. Pitch/tilt I have no ideas on.