Insta360 one X3 upload

I have been recording and uploading various footpaths near where I live to Google Street View and wanted them to be uploaded to mapillary to, so that they are available to open source users. I will post seperately about the insta360 camera but first I wanted to document how to upload to mapillary, which is not obvious. I have created a document that details how to upload videos from the inxsta360 one X3, and which I believe will work with all inxta360 one X models:

Uploading Insta360 one X videos to Mapillary as tracks

This uses a PowerShell script which I have written and is free for anyone to use or modify. The only issue I have is that direction does not seem to be maintained, when the tracks turn a corner you end up looking sidesways. I am still experimenting with the upload options to try and resolve this


Excellent write up! Thanks for taking the time @Chris108.
Do you have any sample videos that you’d be willing to share? We’re revising our recommended cameras and I would like to test the upload experience for this Insta360 model.

Here are some samples:
sample one - pretty good images I think, though demonstrating that I have not yet foind the options that allow it to follow direction (when the camera turns the view doesn’t!)

Sample two - shows how it copes with a very low bright sun. There is a small amount of lens flair but generally pretty good.

Thanks very much @Chris108!
Sorry I was out of office when you responded and missed this, but these will definitely come in handy. I was also wondering if you have any original files.

Basically I want to test what the experience with the Desktop Uploader 3.2.0 is like and what Insta360 settings if any work out of the box. The new update supports some mp4 formats including Google Street View’s CAMM specification.

Do you want the “raw” .insv files, or the stitched MP4 and the GPX? If you are thinking about trying to extract the GPS, compas, and and accelerometer data from the .insv files there is a thread here where ffmpeg performed an analysis allowing them to extract gpx.

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I have uploaded all the files to smaple - Google Drive .

These are the ones corresponding to the uploades trail Mapillary . The files are:

VID_20221213_132023_00_016.insv - generated from camera, unstiched front camera
VID_20221213_132023_10_016.insv - generated from camera, unstiched rear camera

(all 360 degree videos have 00 and 10 . The 00 contains the gpx data also)

VID_20221213_132023_00_016.mp4 - the stitched 360 degree video priduced as described above from insta360 studio

VID_20221213_132023_00_016.gpx - the gpx data extracted with the UL2GSV tool ISNV2GPX as described above; I believe this in turn just uses ffmpeg

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Thank you so much! These are really helpful as add support for more cameras to the Desktop Uploader.

Do you have a video of a step by step guide on how to do this? I’m confused on what to do after getting the GPX and MP4 files.