Support for Insta 360 cameras [Solved]

Have the mapillary ios added support for Insta 360 cameras? I tested a long time ago (appx 6 months) and they didn’t work. Are there any updates since then?

@Lakshyajeet Mapillary iOS App does not support Insta cameras pairing. Pairing functionality was added to our iOS app to solve geotagging problem of the cameras without in-built GPS.

What’s your main motivation of pairing your devices? You can upload your Insta captured images and videos with mapillary_tools

My main problem is geotagging images. I like how the mapillary app automatically geotags and upload images. It would be nice if I can move my workflow entirely on mobile without the need for a pc.

@Lakshyajeet Which Insta camera are you using? Insta cameras have built-in GPS and you should not have any problem with geotagging.

You can upload your Insta captured videos with mapillary_tools 0.9.0

I use an Insta 360 One X2. When taking a photo sequence with the app, the first location of the photo is tagged to all. I have to manually record GPS traces, which are highly inaccurate compared to the location tagged by the mapilary app with the same device. Also, Insta 360 app has no way to enable distance-based capture.

Only the expensive professional Insta cameras such as TITAN and PRO… do have built-in GPS, not the consumer cameras, such as Insta360 X, Insta360 RS, and Insta360 X2. They offer(ed?) a separate “GPS Remote” that allegedly sends the location via Bluetooth to the camera, not sure how reliable that is.


You can also connect to the insta360 app on a phone and this sends GPS to the camera. What I can’t work out is how you send the insv format to mapillary. There are third-party open source converters for Google Street View.

@Chris108 Latest version of Mapillary Desktop Uploader supports CAMM file uploads.

The insta one X series produces .insv files, which I believe are not camm format (but I may be wrong). There is a utility insv2gpx that extracts the gpx data from an insv and I think I can use this along with the exported .mp4 with one of the mapillary command line tools. I have just had a bit of time to read and not to try anything yet though.

Hi Chris, thank you for documenting how to work with insv files for Mapillary at Insta360 one X3 upload - #4 by eneerhut (just linking here in case anyone comes across this post later on)


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