Insta360 One X - new promising consumer grade camera


Insta has just released a new Insta360 One X camera. It seems all new consumer 360-cameras are focusing mostly on video features, same applies to One X. However, there are still many positive aspects from Mapillary usage point of view:

  • Interval photo shooting mode (no info about shortest interval)
  • 18Mpix photos, log-mode, future update DGN RAW-mode
  • GPS Smart Remote (accessory)
  • Optional waterproof casing (dive and a rugged one)
  • Changeable battery (ejects from side)
  • USB-port on the side
    -> in theory, you could shoot 128Gb of images in a one go :slight_smile:

Still uncertain if it stitches images in-camera and what is the shortest duration between photos in interval-mode.

More info


It claims one-button StreetView uploads, so there’s always hope for seamless Mapillary capture and uploads.


I don’t think it will stitch images in camera, you’ll still need the app or insta360 studio to do this.
It looks like they have solved a lot of issues that the old One has, esp. the android compatibilty and not able to access a lot of features without physically connect the camera to an Iphone really sucks.

I also wonder if they improved the in build-in audio sound, because the old One has an awful sound which is too loud when shooting timelapse photos, the sound can only turned off (only with an Iphone of course) but then you are not sure if the camera is still working. Sometimes the timelapse automatically turns off after 5 minutes. So I’d like to know if they have solved those issues with the new X. If that is the case, anyone here interested in an old One? :wink:


Being their top-end consumer camera, does it at least retain gps coords?
UPD: some are reporting they strip gps exif in post processing. maybe to sell the gps remote. ridiculous if so