Insta 360 one x2 as external camera on ios

Mapillary ios app says it can support any osc cameras. The insta 360 one x2 creates a wifi network with a .osc and the mapillary app detects it. But when I switch to it the app is stuck at the blue loading screen. Does anybody have any luck connecting it?

Hi @Lakshyajeet,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Mapillary iOS app does not support pairing with Insta 360 cameras. Please, could you share your use case for pairing the device? Initially this feature was used for geotagging for the cameras which did not have GPS recievers.

I want to pair it with the app for geotagging the images as well as use the Distance-Based Capture feature (which the camera doesn’t natively support). Currently, my workflow is to capture the images in interval mode(3s) and track the GPS using my phone, then manually geotagging them on a PC. The GPS traces I capture are not very accurate (despite trying several apps and techniques) and are not on par with what I have achieved with Mapillary App in the past (which were very accurate).