Insta360 One R 360° camera

I got the Insta360 One R Twin edition for a good price. Its image resolution is 6080x3040.

It supports HDR images as well as taking pictures at an interval. The minimum interval is currently 3 seconds.

It has support for RAW images and a proprietary “insp” file format for 360° images.

What’s the best way to use it with Mapillary?

The WIFI name of the camera ends with “.OSC” so I guess it supports the basic open spherical API.

I’ve not heard of Mapillary version of OSC ever working with Insta cameras.
Presume it’s as bad at location capturing as all the others consumer Insta cameras - meaning you have to rely on a connected phone or post-processing a gpx track - whichever one you find more suitable?

Also please post pictures!