360 camera questions (noob questions)

I recently purchased the Kodak Orbit 360 and promptly returned it. Its spatial and temporal resolution, as well as picture stability, were both disappointing to me. I’m considering upgrading my camera, but I’m not sure which one to go with.

With 360 photography and filming, I have a few objectives:

1- In the future, I’d like to be able to recreate an immersive experience? What was it like to be in the midst of a pandemic? How did it feel to be standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate? I’d like to be able to relive that experience afterwards using something like an Oculus.
2- I own a small rental company and would like to be able to provide some excellent 360 tours for potential tenants.

3- (And this is a question) Is there a profit to be made from selling imagery to Google and other companies for street view purposes? Could Streetview photography be used to literally pay for a camera?

@chrisjordan1 , I’m not sure if these questions belong on mapillary forum? I’m happy to give you my thoughts, but I would suggest define your scope better and develop a business plan for that scope.

  1. Camera upgrade options are almost unlimited, from DSLR and 8mm lens, Instapro, Ladybug, Mosaic51 etc. Even a Gopro max can give you 360, but if you want true 3d you are probably wanting a camera that does that.
  2. Google doesn’t buy photo’s and matter of fact Facebook just bought this service because everyone was uploading their images here for free also.
    2.a Business plans for photo’s maybe 3d tours, or collecting images for a company that wants a historical look at a location (construction site each week as development happens)
  3. 360 Tours are well established and you can google them.

I know this isn’t directly what you are looking for, but again maybe not the right place to ask.