Feature request: drag on screen to edit compass angle

Since the compass angle of the photos saved in the app usually is… wrong (I have tested two different phones) there often is a need to correct the angles after upload.

Editing the position of a photo is easy, just drag and dropp the “dot” on the screen, but to edit the angle is a bit more work. After having started the “edit current sequence” I have to:

  • click the dot on the map
  • Set the marker in the compass angle box by double clicking so that the old value is marked (to make it possibe to overwrite)
  • estimate a new value and manually enter it (0 too 360 degrees)
  • hit enter or click the button set
  • start over with the next photo

It would be MUCH easier if it was possible to drag the compass angle in the same user friendly way as it is to drag the position. It’s also easier to drag an angle to align to the roads direction, than to guess the numeric value of the angle.


In times of lasso select, it is not normal that we have to select and drag one by one.
It should be possible to push them.

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There is the possibility to set an angle offset to the entire sequence, but that is only useful for a sequence in a straight line, which sequences mot often are not. With a curved sequence a “lasso” solution would be better.

I have no problems, when you first do the ‘normalize’ task for the whole sequence, which corrects the angle for all images pointing to the next image. After that you can optionally use the offset for the whole sequence.


Oooh, that’s a really great feature :grinning: I’m a little bothered that I din’t figure that out myself though… :fearful:

However, the feature request still remains, but much less important now. Thank you micmin :smile:

thankyou so much friend

@micmin1972 thanks for sharing that great tip! I would have suggested the same if I wasn’t so slow :wink: @tomastomas I will still note down your feature request to be discussed once we will plan out Editor 2.0 - thanks!

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How long does it take before compass angel changes are visible in the map?

@xlayer normally, your edits will get accepted within a few hours. Then it might sometimes still take a bit longer to update the map tiles (so you will still see the original positions on the map, but you can see the new ones when you enter editor mode again). If it’s been several days and still not correct then something is definitely wrong and you should let us know via support@mapillary.com.

The blurs of license plates are not accepted or need very long, for example https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/9QS965cwvh26PItViigSxQ

Sorry my english…

Sorry, I didn’t quite get that. Have you submitted blur requests on these photos? It can take a few days at first because your blurs will be manually reviewed. If you get enough blur requests accepted, you will be whitelisted and your blurs will be accepted automatically every hour.


Yes, a few weeks ago. Also compass angle and wrong GPS tracks

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

@xlayer we’ve experienced a few issues recently with approving changes. Would it be possible for you to share a link (or links) to the sequence(s) you have edited and has still not changed yet?

@katrin Hello, here are some, There are some more, but not so important but the whole blurs I no longer find.