Flat Images uploaded as 360° - How to fix it?

All my Images uploaded with Android Smartphone App (version 3.160) are changed to be shown as 360° images, but they are normal camera images. Very ugly image view, flat image to be shown like 360° image in the app.

How can the wrong sequences get fixed?
What shall I change in App settings to get it fixed for future sequences?

Here some of the sequence keys:
apgb22qmba25hnjdq4l76c https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/dS_1C2fLF24vc3nIhthgtQ
mahu142b3d6eobrs3y3q08 https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/XJedyNmy7O_FtLW_n2KCwQ
… and many more.

probably email support

I found out, that changing flat images to 360°-panorama image is done, if [settings / camera / ‘Take low resolution images’] is set in the App. If unset, uploaded images are shown as regular images.

I’ve sent a list of all wrong formatted sequences to support email two days ago. Hope, it will be fixed soon.

my Sugestion:

  • delete the images on mapillary
  • shave of one pixel of the height or with of the image, so that the width is NOT twice the height
  • upload again

And I’ll bet you a good bottle of whisky (or whiskey :P) that it’ll do what you expect…

PS: width = 2 x height is THE setting for mapillary to think they are 360 images…


Mapillary could enable an option in their app below the “take low resolution” with the option NO 360

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your suggestion is working but it is a new added difficult. Please enable an option to avoid 360 false pictures

Thank you for mentioning that W=2*H is the criterion for 360 images : had cut distorted top and bottom edges off Samsung gear 360 (2016) pics, which were then processed as 270° images.