Unwanted 360 degree photo's

It happened now and again, now I submitted a series in which all images are processed as 360 pan, while they are ‘normal’ photo’s.
This looks bad.

Is there any way I can prevent this from happening?
Or can I edit the photo’s afterwards?


Image resolution: 4160 x 2080

That one is the key! Take a look at this post:

I don’t think your LG Electronics LM-Q610.FGN makes images with that aspect ratio, so you cropped it? Shave of one row or column and I think your problem is fixed!

Thanks for the response, this will be the problem indeed.
So if I change the aspect ratio to anything but 2:1 it’s ok.

Question; can I add info to the exif data so the script can interprete it correctly?

I think this is a bug in the mapillary script.
Where can I best file it for the developers?

The big question is, if the solution is better then the current situation…

Chances are that there are way, way more images with an (exact) aspect ratio of 2:1 that are NOT set in EXIF that they are 360 images but actually are 360 images. Then the chance of a NOT 360 image that is uploaded in an exact aspect ratio of 2:1…

As I linked in my previous response… I seriously expect that their answer will be something like I just wrote… There is no perfect solution (unless one can reliably detect a 360 image regardless of the EXIF data)… but it is a choice based upon probability.

PS: you could also try to add EXIF data and explicitly inform that it is not a 360 image… I don’t know the exact inner workings of the Mapillary system…

When I upload a panoramic photo with an arbitrary wide angle, the script always takes it correctly, also with one that’s actual 360 degrees. So there is no need for this ‘shortcut’ to take any 2;1 image as 360.