Mapillary detects 360 pictures when, in fact, they are just normal photos, just cropped

I’ve cropped all the images of one sequence before uploading it to Mapillary because they contained the car dashboard; the original size of each photo is 4000x300 and the cropped one is 4000x2000 (I didn’t touch the Exif data); the sequence is still being processed but the website shows that it wrongly detects that they are 360 photos while, in reality, they are just “normal” photos with 2:1 width/height ratio.

The sequence ID is: YBLW2cXkNDtumZJKwIyqoP
One photo ID: 1038172710422915
Here is a Mapillary link to that photo

Here is a picture showing the problem:

I still have both the original and the cropped photos; what should I do?

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I also crop the full frame from my front cameras to remove car bonnet and excess sky (to 4056×2280 in my case). The 2:1 ratio seems to be a special case that triggers processing as a spherical image; just crop to something slightly different (e.g. 4000×1920) instead.

I suspect you’ll need to delete the uploaded sequence, re-crop, and re-upload.

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OK, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted the delete request and when it’s accepted, I will try another upload with a different size ratio.

UPDATE: I’ve re-uploaded those sequences after cropping the original photos to 4000x1990 and the result seems so far correct; thanks again for your help!