Mapillary_tools Spherical photos

I am having some problems while using mapillary_tools to process a .360 video and get some spherical panoramas.

In every run I get this kind of flat img. Looks like its 180º of the video, but the video itself is 360º

The command used was this one:
mapillary_tools video_process D:/video D:/img --video_sample_distance 5

Theres any fix?

Note that for 360° images to work on Mapillary your images

Mapillay has simplified these requirements to that end that every image uploaded in 2:1 resolution ratio is currently assumed to be a 360° image. mapillary_tools does not automagically create proper 360° images from video files.

Thanks for the clarification.
Could you give me some hints on how to create 360 images from video?

Hi @WildPhyru, .360 is the extension used by GoPro Max, so I assume that’s what you’re using here? You don’t need to do any conversions on your end, as .360 video is natively supported. You can upload the .360 file directly with mapillary_tools or the mapillary desktop uploader and it should do everything else automatically. Let me know if you have any issues. The details are at